Thursday, October 17, 2013

Conversation about art

On Monday October 7th, Kait Burgan from Go Island! stopped by the studio to chat about abstract art, intuition, creative process and everywhere else this conversation has taken us.

Last week end, an artist friend opened up her studio doors for me.  Glass artist Catherine Williams on Gabriola Island does fusion glass and mozaic in the most colourful compositions. Her space was richly filled with fall flowers mirroring the reds and blues of the glass.

Rice Field, the painting I was working on in the video with Kait is at a stand still for the moment, there's not a gram of cold wax to be found in the studio, not a drop left! It is almost a blessing to be kept away from this painting for a while because the coming workshops require some planning and marketing right now.  This said, I will make a detour by Opus this week end while I am in Victoria for the Sidney Fine Art Show, and purchase a huge can of Gamblin cold wax!
Rice Field in progress   30' x 60' oil and cold wax
The sun has been shining for days out here, lovely time of the year for long walks in the woods and in the parks, by the ocean, by the river, salmon running, mushrooms mushrooming. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn and you are able to go for long walks with family and friends.


  1. How cool is that Johanne! You're going to be a tv star and I'll get to say I knew her before she hid behind her sunglasses to avoid all the attention!
    Loved seeing your new paintings today in your studio. Thanks for the walk.

    1. Oh it was a nice opportunity, Kait is such a good conversationalist!
      Lets walk together again soon, maybe with your grand daughters next time:)