Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Show - A Small Gesture

Burnaby has a beautiful lake in the middle of Deer Lake Park and an art gallery. In a few weeks, Jung Kwon and I will be showing our works in a joint show called Internal Whispers at the Deer Lake Gallery. The opening reception is on Saturday afternoon, May 24th. from 2 to 4. It would be lovely to see many of you at the little gallery by the lake in the middle of this beautiful park.

A Small Gesture is an artistic event happening on Fri May 9th and Saturday May 10th at Iron Oxide in Nanaimo.  It is a fundraiser for a young mother going through cancer treatments who could use a little extra $ for the commute to Vancouver every day. Some tender loving care in action.

Many artists are offering small pieces of artwork. My contribution is 3 collages 7" x 5". I can't wait to see all the work on the walls.  There are going to be some creative gems at a good price.  Come all and support a good cause.

Expect Magic


In the studio, I am gone back listening to Snatam Kaur


  1. The collages are master pieces! I love the colours... I might have to make a trip to Nanaimo that weekend.

  2. Thanks, glad you like them, they were lots of fun to make.
    Hey, mark your calendar May 9-10 ! It sure would be nice to see you on the island!