Saturday, December 6, 2014

Two months in images

Life was busy theses last two months, and here I am today making my first xmas card to send home with a box of goodies. Getting this box ready, looking as good as it can and out to the post office early is an annual marathon for me and the ritual that marks the beginning of the season.

I am going to review quickly the artistic endeavors that have taken place since my last post.

Project Liv'Art with Nanaimo Francophone Association and Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la C.B.  Participants illustrated one of the twelve texts written for this provincial project.  Our text was a beautiful legend called  "La sirene des bois" (The Mermaid of the Woods). After a brief discussion on the text, the group agreed on the images that were going to illustrate the text the best, and everyone grabbed a pile of magazines and started the search.

Collaboratively, a collage took shape from a heap of images and shapes cut out or tore off from magazines.  Each one was making suggestions and the result is astounding, revealing the beauty of nature, honoring first nations and showing a mythic picture of the "Wood Mermaid".

La sirene des bois

My show at Le Centre in Vancouver is still on till mid-December. There was a great opening night with friends, family, art afficionados, baguette, french cheeses and wine!

My friend Andrea Georgiev recorded 13 songs she has written recently like a long love poem to life, her life. I helped her get the visuals for the cover and booklet. It was a return to graphic design for me, a nice challenge to render my friend's vision and lots of fun meeting with her regularly to complete the project. It is out in the world now and I listen to it over and over. '"Tangled Illusions".

I decided to follow my bliss and organize a lantern procession to celebrate the winter solstice on
Dec. 21th at a beautiful local park. My friend Carole Reid designed a colourful poster from a picture she took of our floating lanterns. Lantern making workshops are this Sunday at our local art supplies store Iron Oxide.
On Dec. 12, 13 and 14, Silversmith Maureen O'Connor opens her studio to four other artists. I am one of them! Here's the invitation I designed for the event.

Enjoy the season of lights wherever you are. I love to walk at night in my neighborhood and relish in the brightly lit set ups some houses offer, the more the merrier. Have you put up your lights yet?

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