Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week End in the Studio

Yeah! Artwalk Winter 2012 was a vibrant week end even with the wet, windy and cold weather! 50 local artists were showcasing their work in their homes and studios, in theaters and at various public places in town.  I was in my super clean studio all week end, met many amazing people, drank lots of chai tea, sold paintings and was glad to see there is passion for art in our local community.

Thank you to everyone who organized the event and everyone who dropped by to visit, chat and see my new paintings. A special thank you to the ones who bought my work.  I cherish week ends like this one because they bridge the gap from working in isolation and they bring artistic and financial success home.  It makes it all more meaningful to keep on painting.  So, thank you.

Here are a few pics of the studio as a gallery and some of the pieces that sold.

Tangerine Implosion
                                                          Finding Love in Paris                       Lotus 3

                                                  Walking on the Moon          Tango                   White Noise


  1. Well done, Johanne! You have a wonderful space for work and gallery shows. See you soon.

    1. The funny thing is that when the studio becomes a gallery and is all clean, I don't want to mess it up, so I usually don't use it for a while. Have you been back to your studio since the week end?

    2. As always it is a pleasure to see what you are up to in your inspiring studio!!! Keep it coming!!!