Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last Painting of 2012 and Happy New Year!

On SOLSTICE, the rain stopped just in time to light our lanterns and walk the labyrinth at Bethelem Centre.  A labyrinth is a path made of geometrical forms that define a sacred space, walking the labyrinth is the art of paying attention, clearing the mind and centering.  The evening provided a perfect welcome to the return of the light.  From now on every day is longer than the last, yeah!

DECEMBER has been a very social month with Artwalk, Drift, my book club potluck, and many volunteering events with the Nanaimo Art Gallery.  One of these events was the opening of the Artists for an Oil Free Coast Show and Auction.  It is a must see show and runs till January 5th.  Make sure you take the time to watch the 22 min. movie showing the phenomenal beauty of the coast.         

I am off to Vancouver to welcome the new year and celebrate with family and friends, see you next week. Have a very happy New Year!

My dearest and craziest dream for us all:  Peace on Earth Easily, Effortlessly, Now!

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