Sunday, January 20, 2013

In the Studio and Sigur Ros

 The current work in progress Battlefield is getting a make over. It is always hard to appreciate parts of a painting but not the image as a whole. So, after many unfruitful tries, out came the bucket of gesso! It is slowly revealing a new story.
 I have also been working on the painting for the side one of the 'Journey to Inclusion' project with the Multicultural Society.  Colour is appearing sparsely, the overall will be in subdued tones of gold and grey with splashes of colour in the eyes.  Also, the sketches for side two are coming together with a series of smiles at the top, the drawing of a dove above a dark cloud and at the bottom the word Peace.

Today, the music I am listening to in the studio is Sigur Ros, here's Hoppipola:
Sigur Ros from Iceland sings in a made up language.  They have created a musically inspired vocalization that is hauntingly beautiful.  The band calls it Volenska, and sings with passion and emotion.

Have a creative week!

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