Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cirque du Soleil - Work in Progress - New Projects

 I saw the show Amaluna from le Cirque du Soleil in Vancouver Sunday. Experienced the show is more like it!   Pure bliss for the senses, a world of colours and movements with performers extraordinaires.  What a visual treat!

Peaceful time spent in the studio working on my last painting 'Battlefield'

on Dec. 30th
Jan. 15th

The project 'Journey to Inclusion' with the Multicultural Society is starting to take shape. The board has gesso on both sides and a light wash all over to break the white.  Here is the new sketch for side One, which represents the situation that my partner for this project faces regularly in our community.  The upper background is made of a series of eyes forming a pattern, and the dark pattern of the dress will be made of flowers. If all goes well, I will start the painting tomorrow.

The new project called Decouvertes artistiques will bring together 16 visual artists from all over the province.  Four events will be created giving each artist the opportunity to do a piece of work in direct and to discuss our creative process with the public.  Some of us will work in pair to develop and present a unique performance sharing and melting our techniques on the same support.  I am looking forward to this.

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