Thursday, April 11, 2013

Projet L'ANCETRE - Stinging Nettles - The air that I breathe

The Ancestor is up and running! And she has taken residency at the local primary francophone school for the next two weeks.  She is a nine foot tall puppet made of cotton and foam with a dove in a makeshift nest on her head.  Her message is peace and love, one can say she is an old hippie, for sure she is a wise lady.

 and here she is with children at the school, you can also see pictures of older members of the community chatting with the students about how things were when they were kids on the farm, in the  Alps, in Montreal.  Many heartwarming stories were divulged.  Big round surprised eyes met the breaking news: there were no such thing as t.v., internet, digital games when they were kids. This led to some fantastic exchanges. It was most interesting to hear the various reasons that brought french speaking people to live on an island off the west coast of B.C.

Tomorrow the nearly 100 students will paint an impression of their favorites stories on a square of cotton.  The squares will be assembled into a quilt next week.  Can't wait to share pictures of that beauty with you  :)

At home I am drinking tons of freshly brewed stinging nettle tea, 'tis the season to be healthy!
And again I am listening restlessly to k.d.lang


  1. This is fabulous, Johanne! Just look at the smiles on the kid's faces! So happy and interested in the stories and life before tv. Looking forward to Friday.

  2. hi johanne, carole whispered in my ear to come have a look and listen. impressive art work, and such a heart warming cause! the next project sounds terrific too. you'll show the quilt build up and the end result?
    kind regards, n♥