Friday, April 26, 2013

Work in Progress - Flight Behaviour - Message Underwater

I am on my way to the studio where 2 paintings are calling me :
Still Life of Sins and One Morning 

IN PROGRESS - Still Life of Sins   36" x 36"  oil and cold wax

 A second painting in progress, One Morning, I like the textures that are already happening, think  I'll enrich that, maybe bring the yellow a few tones down to soften it. . . not sure. 

IN PROGRESS - One Morning   36" x 36"  oil and cold wax
One day this week, walking around Westwood lake, 
I noticed an interesting combination of stones at the bottom of the water.  

Instantly I had a smile on my face and a song in my head.  
Enjoy the week end, soon the month of May.  I love that month, there is a sweetness about it.
And thank you Brenda for leaving your copy of Barbara Kingsolver's last novel on my door step: Flight Behavior. I am loving it, and I am anticipating hours of pure bliss in the next few days.Yum!

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  1. These paintings are both coming along beautifully, Johanne. I'll come have a visit next week to see them again. What a pleasant surprise you found at the lake. Such sweet sentimental reflection. xo