Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clandestine - Tendresses and Transglobal Underground

NICE MORNING, the sky has returned to pale blue with a row of luminous clouds on the horizon, a breeze moves the branches where caterpillars are slowly turning the apple tree into a campground.

Today is a good day! The freshly finished Clandestine has found a happy owner! Love at first sight, she said. This morning, I took the time to send submissions to both Sydney and Sooke Art Shows.
Clandestine  oil and cold wax 30" x 30"
A year ago, I wanted to loosen up my gesture, be more free in my movements.  Soon after, I discovered cold wax which is mixed with oil paints to create a smooth paste applied with knives and spatulas. My work has transformed since then, and my new paintings have more fluidity. The two paintings in the studio at the moment are Tendresses and Sailing Solo.
In progress - Tendresses oil and cold wax 30" x 30"

In progress - Sailing Solo  60" x 36"
In the studio, an all times favorite Transglobal Underground

Cheers to blissful painting times!

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