Friday, May 31, 2013

Urban Garden - Sigur Ros - Kids Fest

I treated myself to a little holiday in Vancouver, a whole week visiting friends, walking, eating well, and laughing a lot.   Sunday we took a long walk at Spanish Banks.  During the lowest tides we can wander over the sand bars and along the water's sandy edge for miles on end, examining the patterns left by the water on the sea floor as it retrieves away.  We made our way back through the streets of Point Grey for a little voyage in times, the neighborhood has changed but the red house on 11th Avenue close to Alma is still red, still standing tall, the stonewall is intact, there are renovation to rebuild the big front verandah where we had our Sunday night vegetarian dinners so many moons past, I can still remember the smell of Roz's wonderful nut loaf! Then we had the best falafel ever at a little shop down on 10th, it was not there in my days but sure worth a visit any day.  Yum!

Peaceful time in Hilda's beautiful urban garden
On Monday night, I experienced Sigur Ros live at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, the rain stopped at 6:15, just in time for everyone to close their umbrellas and have dinner on a blanket before the show started. This Icelandic atmospheric rock band offered a very special evening with their mesmerizing music. There were three violins, three horns, two sets of percussion, two keyboards, electric guitars, basses, bells, voices, electronic sounds.A rare treat!
Sigur Ros at Deer Lake Park on Monday May 27th
Wednesday was gallery hopping day, we started on South Granville and soon found out that sadly enough two other galleries have closed their doors: the Winsor Gallery and the Equinox Gallery. This cannot be good for the art world, they were both representing established contemporary artists. Going to the Winsor gallery was always a must on my visits to Vancouver and always a pleasure, I've spent many afternoons there marvelling at the work of Fiona Ackerman and Gabryel Harrisson, among others.   Erin Eshi was showing at the Ian Tan gallery, and as usual her kind of etheral rendering was inspired and inspiring. Then we went strolling about on Granville Island, admiring wonderfully crafted brooms, felted dolls, fused glass pieces and hand made paper.  Beside the community centre, we discovered that the Children Festival also had events happening on Grandville Island. More pleasant visual surprises for us!  Oh I just love Vancouver.
Children's Fest on Granville Island

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  1. Ahhh the memories of growing up in Vancouver and all the parks and fun I had as a kid. Sounds like a wonderful week away. Lucky you! xo C