Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glue - Paper - Scissors and Culture Crawl

Every year in November, I just love to take the ferry to Vancouver and visit Eastside artists in their studios. The Culture Crawl Nov. 15 to 18 is always a feast for the eyes and the heart, always an inspired and inspiring week end; it's just as pleasurable to discover new artists' work as it is to follow the career of some favorite painters like M. A. Tateishi, Erin Ishi and Carla Tak.  There is the traditional reunion with friends and family at Mrs Gomez on Union Street in Strathcona, my old neighborhood, and brunch on Sunday at a new cool joint. I can also count on good cardio exercises in climbing up and down the many staircases of the old factories and warehouses where visual artists work and show their art. I will try to take pictures and tell you a little bit about it in my next post!

The collage workshop has been postponed to next week end, Sunday Nov. 23rd and is going to be lots of fun, very relaxed, free spirited and light hearted.  We will play with glue, paper, and scissors to create many intriguing and seductive little pieces of art mixing images and words.  I have set up a table in the studio to make a few collage pieces on wooden blocks to show at the workshop, it was easy to get carried with all the material laid out in front of me, I made 20 in the end,  there will be some for sale at the coming Artwalk on Nov 30 - Dec 1.  They are small in sizes, from 3"x 3" to about 6"x 12", some are kind of cute and I just want to keep them.

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 Enjoy the week end, I might meet some of you at the Crawl or at Mrs Gomez's, who knows?


  1. Hi Sue, thanks, I like collages,they are quick and fun to do, and sometimes they hide secret messages! I just discovered your collages and find them very inspiring, same with your students' collages, they are also very creative.