Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Workshops - Pear Cake - Smiling Faces

Last Sunday, I launched the Creative Series with an all day workshop exploring Oil and Cold Wax.  The day started with a latte, a piece of pear cake and an introduction to the program of the day. Then off to mix colours with beeswax and walnut oil for our first layer of impasto. Soon, everyone was involved in their own painting process, exploring with stencils, grid printing, rubbing, mark making and scratching.  All fun things to do!  And just look at some of the stunning images that were created.

There are two more workshops coming up, one before Artwalk and the other, the week end after.
I have a little show out of my studio window as the last fig leaves are somersaulting all the way to the ground on the soundtrack of Alegria from le Cirque du soleil .
 Enjoy sweet moments and happiness in your creative pursuit.

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