Saturday, June 21, 2014

Collages Collages - Fresh Paint

I like to make collaged cards for my close ones when I have time.  There were a few birthday cards and one special graduation card that came out of a mountain of clips from magazines. I couldn't resist using the leftover cut out pieces and make a few new collages on wood blocks.


In the studio, a few paintings in the making. Almost finished, just need to look at them again and again. They are 24" x 24", oil paint and cold wax.

It's still early              
Air Mail
Ethereal Solstice

I wanted to work on these 3 paintings a bit longer today but it's already midnight and there's no chocolate in the house, plus I need to let them breathe, they are close to being finished, actually they might done. I'll find out soon, or I won't, the suspense is killing me, hope I can sleep tonight.
Enjoy the week end.


  1. I will always cherish the collaged block and card you've given me.
    Midnight! No chocolate! Did you sleep?

  2. Ah ah yes I did sleep well, but tonight at midnight I found a tin of yummy hot chocolate and I am still in the studio at 1:30 am, will have a new painting 3' x 5' to show soon, I think. Hope you and yours had a lovely Solstice!