Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Freedom in the studio - Delicious Series on July 6th

I've allowed myself unlimited time in the studio, it's fantastic, wonderful and rewarding. Thinking about the two paintings that I've been reworking over and over for months, I realized that there was a place and time where each painting was revealing itself and somehow I failed to see it and kept on enriching little spots here and there without any cohesiveness to the whole.  Fortunately, both paintings are almost finished now and they turned out quite nicely. So this time around, it is important that I pay close attention to the evolution of the painting and recognize the place where it all comes together.
The last 3 paintings have formed a triptych which I posted on Facebook and got very positive comments. Thank you everyone. The third one is not yellow at all but I can't seem to adjust it properly in photoshop.  You'll have to come and see it at the studio!
Tentative title: It's still early
 To be in the studio every day for hours makes me realize how important it is to show up and work,  this is how things happen. I've ran out of cold wax and nearly all tubes of white paint are flatten to the limit, soon running out of canvasses and boards. It is nearly time to stop anyway so the new paintings have time to dry before I open my studio on Sunday July 6th for an afternoon together called The Delicious Series.

Here are pics of some new paintings slowly coming together.
Red Ribbons

Loose Ends
Today is one of those mellow rainy days, it smells fresh outside, the greens are revived, I am watching the fig trees in the back yard taking over my view of the back alley, creating privacy in the studio.  Life is good! Enjoy your day :)


  1. Ahhhhh the sweetness of uninterrupted time in the studio. Enjoy!
    I'll be there on Sat. to see everything, including those figs!

    1. Yes, it's good to spend the time in the studio. Can't wait to show you a few new paintings Carole. And it is on Sunday, see you soon:)

  2. Hello Johanne, I am glad you stopped by my blog recently. Your nice comment (thank you) led me to your blog which then led me to your website. You have a very vast style and it's obviously you like to explore in your work. I really love your figurative art especially...Monday in May is a fantastic painting.

    I look forward to following what you do. Thanks again for dropping in.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my website. I wish you best of luck with promoting and selling your beautiful artwork.