Sunday, October 21, 2012

Citrons confits

I was given a jar of preserved lemons in Spring, special delivery from my younger brother in Quebec.  What a yummy culinary discovery! I fell in love! Everything tastes better with a touch of lemon and lemon flavoured oil. My favorite recipe is pasta with diced preserved lemons, a few drops of the oil and grated parmesan cheese. Delish! and so simple. I quickly ran out of those delicacies and started a search on the island where I live,  the ones I found were preserved in brine and lemon juice, nice but, I missed the flavoured lemon oil that adds a 'je ne sais quoi' to most recipes.  When that jar was empty, I decided to make my own 'citrons confits dans l'huile'.  Here they are:

Looking good hey? In two weeks, I'll be able to try them out, and shall report back on their success. 

Now for the art section of this blog, we'll travel back in time! Some thirty years ago  I did a whole show of pastel drawings on the theme of lemons.This one is titled: Backgammon in the Okanagan.
Have a good week, see you next Sunday!


  1. had to look up 'je ne sais quoi' -- googlr says it's a french idiom, literally "I don't know what" -- but really -- pure magic! Yes -- I love the magical recipe -- like a good chai -- I just don't know what makes it so delicious... it must be magic.

  2. Your chai sure has a 'je ne sais quoi' that is so satisfying - did you say you'd be visiting the island at the end of the month?