Monday, October 29, 2012

Lantern Making Lantern Magic

I have learned to make lanterns with Public Dreams Society in Vancouver 20 years ago.  I have since been lucky enough to share the art of lantern making and the magical experience of lantern processions with the communities where I have lived.

It's pure joy to join neighbours and friends on Winter Solstice and celebrate the return of the light. There's magic and poetry in holding a paper lantern against the big darkness!

Recently, friends from the community came over to the studio and made some beautiful lanterns.
With bamboo slates and masking tape, we build the frame of the lantern.  After securing a wire candle holder at the base, the fun part begins, dressing it up in colour with tissue paper.

Thanks to Public Dreams Society 
for reviving the art of lantern making and the magic of lantern processions.


  1. I can't wait to see the lanterns lit up!

    1. It's quite a show! There might be a procession on Winter Solstice, I'll let you know. I think your girls would also really like it.