Monday, October 15, 2012

Suburbs of Goa

It was a rainy week end, perfect time to be in the studio. I began a few new paintings for the blog Gallery, worked on others initiated earlier in the week, looked at them, made some decisions, took action and looked at them again and again.  Glad I’ve finished some, had to marvel once more at the creative process, each piece has its own story, own struggle and resolve, and its own timing. 

  The role intuition plays in painting is huge and, so is the willingness to trust the process.  It’s always a worthwhile exercise to work on many pieces at a time, the possibilities are endless, it becomes a form of play, like a dance.

  And the music was delicious, I was listening to Suburbs of Goa – an internet radio from San Francisco with cool sounds and beats from India and South East Asia like the melodic/gypsy sounds of Bombay Dub Orchestra. Yum!

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  1. Both are luscious, Johanne, especially up close. Thanks for the studio tour!