Monday, June 24, 2013

Afternoon in the Studio

An afternoon in the studio or better a Sunday afternoon in the studio. The weather was softly warm, with light rain and grey sky. The studio had become an art gallery again and I was eager to see everyone and show my new work. My friend Gretchen and her daughter Ana took great care of the guests.  There was white wine sangria with basil leaves served with preserved lemon and parmesan biscottis, I am still experimenting with that recipe, it needs a little herbs to bring the tangy taste of lemons to fullness, someone mentioned thyme, I’ll try that next time.  Add to all this a nice mix of guests and we have a perfect summer afternoon!

I called it The Delicious Series,  it’s my idea of a delicious afternoon!   
  The studio was filled with friends, artists and visitors giving me feedback on my work, enjoying each other's company, laughing, and drawing ephemeral master pieces on the Buddha board. 
Ephemeral Art by Rob Plante - photo by Titia

Talking art - Photos by Kerstin Bolseng and Carole Reid
It’s gonna happen again at the end of September to celebrate the change of the season.  As for now, Summer has officially begun, the sun will be here soon!! I am spending the month of July in Quebec visiting with my maman, family and friends and catching up on the art scene in Montreal.
I am looking forward to walk the streets at night from one stage to the other at the Jazz Festival! Cheers to you all for a Delicious Summer!


  1. Johanne, congratulations on creating a joy filled exciting studio opening! Your paintings looked magnificent and everyone enjoyed talking about them. Thanks for the invitation. xo Carole

  2. Hi Carole, really glad it turned out to be an exciting afternoon!. Thanks for purchasing a painting and taking great pictures. A bientot my friend.